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A lot of people in Bahrain have a creative side.  Bit by bit I’m being introduced to them.  Two of my core creative friends here in The Kingdom are also creative hustlers; and they’re married – to each other!  They’re working their crafts and networking with almost everyone they come in contact with.  This dynamic duo has helped pioneer the Bahrain Hustle for the creative domains.

Let’s focus on Sarah.  Sarah is a makeup artist (MUA) here in Bahrain.  You really need to check out this woman’s Instagram – and push that “follow” button.

The Bahrain Hustle

In addition to networking for the benefit of your own advancement, the Bahrain Hustle is characterized by your wish to help others slay their own goals.  A lot of people will tell you that they want to help others but these guys take action – and once you’re a part of their inner circle they will never, ever give up on you.  Sometimes it’s annoying!  I mean, can’t a guy just sit on his sofa for a month (or two)?  Apparently not.  No matter how much I think I need a break they always seem to drag me out of the house – and I always seem to have a great time.

Sarah had a female Bahraini client today who wanted to dress as Ragnar from Vikings for a Halloween party tonight.  I packed up all of my lighting gear and headed down to her studio for a shoot.  I just had one stop to make (part of my Bahrain Hustle).  The GPS stopped working on my phone and I got lost – this made me terribly late for Ragnar.  I didn’t have time for all the elaborate lighting schemes that I had planned.  Ragnar had to leave but she was able to stick around for about 10 minutes while I set up a quick one-light studio.  I taped my wrinkled up grey muslin backdrop to Sarah’s wall.  My buddy, Marwan, (who happens to also be Sarah’s brother) held the light for me even though he’s gimp (that’s another story).  That’s all there was to this setup.  No light stand (because we had the gimp), one 600ws light in a folding beauty dish.  I shot wide and tight (35mm lens on a full-frame camera) just like I like it.  We fired off a few shots and this is what we came up with before she was off.  I didn’t even get a chance to get her name!  I just called her Ragnar.

Ragnar - Halloween 2017 - The Bahrain Hustle

This is how the Bahrain Hustle works.  Sarah does her baller MUA stuff and invites me to shoot some of her work and they all drag me off my sofa kicking and screaming when I get all reclusive on my team.

You really should follow her in Instagram.  Your loss if you’re not.

I’d love to hear other stories related to the Bahrain Hustle!  Leave a comment below and/or follow me on social media.


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