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How to optimize images for social media – Facebook

6 min read Social media – if you’re a photographer your images are sure to end up there.  You’re either trying to pimp yourself out to the masses or your customer wants to show off their new mug shot.  How do you optimize images for social media?  Let’s cover a common scenario that we see all too often. You deliver a new image on a grey background and looks great on your computer.  The client posts the image on Facebook and tags you in it.  The likes start rolling in.  You finally get time to check the image and...

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A Photographer’s Safe Word

4 min read What’s this talk of a photographer’s safe word?  People are busier than ever.  We have careers, second careers, hobbies, taking care of ourselves – friends and family.  Shit!  I almost forgot FRIENDS & FAMILY! I’m busy just like you are and I really don’t have the time to take pictures in a style I’m already proficient in without charging my published rate.  I just can’t [said with face buried in hands]. The entrepreneur's dilemma: Maintaining friendships. Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit. Getting sleep. Pick 3. — Randi Zuckerberg (@randizuckerberg) December 9, 2011...

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Embed External Media into WordPress [the easy way]

5 min read So far I’ve had to embed external media from three sources into my WordPress sites. Flickr images Instagram Posts Tweets The general wisdom on the Internet these days will instruct one to just “paste a link to the content on its own line in the WordPress editor and make sure that it isn’t hyperlinked”.  This works – almost.  The most frustrating problem I’ve faced with embedded media is adding formatting – such as centering the media in my blog post. Let me know if you found this information helpful.  Shit, let me know if you know...

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The Bahrain Hustle – It’s Real

2 min read A lot of people in Bahrain have a creative side.  Bit by bit I’m being introduced to them.  Two of my core creative friends here in The Kingdom are also creative hustlers; and they’re married – to each other!  They’re working their crafts and networking with almost everyone they come in contact with.  This dynamic duo has helped pioneer the Bahrain Hustle for the creative domains. Can’t a guy just sit on his sofa for a month (or two)?  Apparently not. Lee Crow Click to tweet Let’s focus on Sarah.  Sarah is a makeup artist (MUA) here...

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WordPress Configuration for Photographers Series [Part 1]

What platform do you use for your photography website?  Do you use any special plug-ins?  What were some “gotchas” that you had to overcome in your configuration?  These are some of the questions that I plan to write about in my WordPress Configuration for Photographers series. #Photographers! What #platform do you use for your #website and #why?#Bahrain #blogger #wordpress #squarespace — Lee Crow (@leecrowcreative) October 26, 2017 WordPress Configuration for Photographers The series will include the following: My platform of choice – I’m pretty sure you know! The themes I use Vital plug-ins SEO Social Tips and Tricks...

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