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Collaboration Opportunities

Are you a photographer, model, stylist, producer, agency, MUA, etc. that would like to collaborate with me on a photography project?  Collaboration is an excellent chance to come together to achieve a common goal and get some experience doing something a little different.  It can be an awesome learning experience! 

Styles I’m interested in collaborating on include

Fashion | Glam | Boudoir | Bodyscape | Fitness | Commercial | Editorial | Food

Studio & On Location

I can’t stress enough the fact that this type of project would be a collaboration.  This means we all bring something to the table and learn to work as a team.  The concept will work best when there is a 3rd element.  Examples of a 3rd element might include a style of photography that I’ve indicated above or working with a person in a functional role that I don’t have much experience with (like a stylist).  The 3rd element might land me in the position of being YOUR assistant.  It’s essentially that thing that puts us into unfamiliar territory.  It has been said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

The projects can be commercial in nature and large scale.  However, the product of a collaboration project will not be used commercially without the team receiving compensation.  We’re not in the business of giving away our talents for free.  The goal of these projects is professional growth and development.

I can’t take on every project that is proposed but I’ll do my best to help where I can.

Contact me if you’re interested.